Monday, August 22, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ "Why Don't You Move Us Someplace Cooler.... like Africa??!" 5/23/16

Hi mommy!!
Ok well I dont have my journal with me to help me report all the adventures of the week because my comp has an infection and we have been at three different doctors offices today:P I have to say my comp has changed a ton, and we actually always get along now without any problems:) That is definitely a great mission victory I would say. Wellllllll thursday night the zone leaders came up and stayed the night with us. Poor white guys got lost and didnt get to our house until it was pretty late, but yes I surprised them with a pizza and soda because sometimes i decide to be nice. We had divisiones Friday en Tzucacab and I got to go with Elder Bahr. Man do I love that guy!!! Talk about someone who is literally always smiling because he has the spirit. He and our other zone leader Elder Plowman taught us a wonderful lesson between the spirit of the law and the word of the law and I think that has really helped my comp and I to get along much better. Another thing that has really helped me is focusing on seeing everyone through the eyes of our Heavenly Father. That puts everything in a much better perspective. 
Saturday we had our movie night and I definitely put on The Prince of Egypt in Spanish. The members loved it! The week before we watched the other side of heaven and they still go around talking about the experiences they saw. Lets just say the people here are for sure visual learners.
Last night we had a lesson with a family of practically all women and they live right next door to la casa de oracion. They have the most beautiful house I have seen since I have been here and i honestly felt like I was back in the states.... We have been teaching them on and off for a while but I think there is a good chance that there will be some baptisms in the family:) As you may have heard I told President Garcia that I would like to stay here in Peto because the alternative was to close the area and I dont want that to happen. The missioneries are all they have here. We will see how it goes and hopefully we can have some more progress here. Roberto has a baptismal date but he couldnt make it to church yesterday and his brother Jesus always invites him to drink so we will see how it goes... but yeah love you all and have a great week!!
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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