Monday, August 22, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 8/15/16 ~ Mi papa se fue;(

Ok so this week has been a sad week not gonna lie... my best friend in the mission who is also my mission dad (Elder Nolasco)... messed up his knee and had to go home. It was a sad day when that happened and to be honest I think for the first time in the mission I didnt talk a lot... I think that surprised a lot of people to see me quiet haha:)
This has been a hard week as far as numbers companion has had several appointments to go see a psicologo in an area that is far away and loaded with money so we lost lots of time this week. 
The one benefit i feel like i have really received from the visits he had is that i got to meet a Stake President who is one of the doctors there and talk with him outside while my comp was in his session... he was telling me all the stuff he was going to say in the stake conference the next day and being a psicologo ( never could spell that word in english so im doing it in spanish) he basically thinks like Sherlock Holmes and the way that he applies doctrine correlates to the way the mind works... One he looks like Bishop Clark if Bishop Clark was from Veracruz, and two he gave me goosebumps honestly... it was super cool and we talked for a good long while about the responsibilities of church leaders, and how agency works with addictions. Very cool experience.
The challenges we are facing right now in our area are new investigators, lessons with member present, and investigators in the sacrament service. We have been working with Naomi and Bianca as our missionaries of the ward and they are so awesome!! They literally glow when they teach, and im like man we should just let you guys do it all because you do it better hahaha:D when we have our practices with the ward missionaries i think of them as Dumbledore´s Army hahha and it makes me laugh. 
We have some baptismal dates but the people havent been to church so it will be a little challenging to move forward with them... Today i am going to receive a new companion who will be with us in a trio. Its actually one of the Elders from my district because his area closed, so this will be interesting.
I love you all so much, and hope you have a great week!:)
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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