Monday, August 22, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 7/25/16 ~ Lots of Pics!

Well this marks the end of another transfer. This was a great week and a sad week. My favorite member Sister Carmen went to Pachuca and I seriously was so sad about that.. She loves me and we always had such a good time. Her son is 16 and her daughter is 12 and her son is in another part of Mexico but she says im basically him. And her daughter says im very like her brother and then they started quoting Sinbad... thats right they dropped the "things to do, stuff to steal" quote and I felt like I was home hahah.
Also this Change Elder Butterfield went home and I can honestly say he is one of my best mission friends.. I have the feeling we will be good friends after the mission. On sunday to celebrate his last day, Yazumi threw a huge party for him and he played pin the tail on the bride hahah which made me laugh so hard. 
We had lots of fun and worked hard too. We had 46 lessons this week and not a whole lot of sleep. We helped Carmen moved and that also felt like home because I should know better than to think that I can get out of the moving experience;)
We went to go visit a less active this week and the whole family was there because it was her husbands birthday, and so her dad was there too. He was like whats up mormons and had a cross on his neck and a giant tat and earrings and was kinda giving us a hard time, but after talking with him we found out that not only is he a member, but was the ward mission leader, and has been sealed in the temple. It is sad to see because he is a very likeable guy, and it is sad to see people literally rob themselves of the blessings they deserve. He went inactive for the offenses of church members and i have loved studying the talk Y no hay para ellos tropiezo this week to help me learn how to teach members that have fallen away. I encourage you all to read it. Its like a huge planch but its wonderful. And i have no idea what it is called in english.
I have Elder Nolasco again as my Zone leader and it is so cool to literally have made such a good friend for life here. My new companion right now is Elder Robles and he is a good guy but is very challenging. He has some mental challenges and is 26 so we will see how this change goes, but if all goes well we should have a baptism or two:)
Love you all,
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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