Monday, August 22, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ 8/1/16 ~ Bash Onda?

Hey family and friends another week here in Mexico. This week has seemed like kind of a long week but it has been very good:) One of the coolest experiences of the week was visiting the friends of Sister Carmen who went to Pachuca and are investigators. The husband said that every time we come or that we are around he feels an incredible peace and he wants to keep feeling it. He said that 12 years ago he would frequently dream of being a member of this church. He said he wants to be a member so he can continually feel that way.
We have done lots of divisiones this week because well... my comp is a lil hard and my new zone leader wanted to learn the area and Elder Nolasco esta lastimado... He has a busted knee and so they stayed in the house for a good while haha. We have been working with our ward missionaries and one of them is the sister in law of Bianca and her name is Naomi. She has such a strong testimony and if it is possible to be a sister missionary and an assistant to president it will be her.
Today we went with Hermana Yazumi (who is the coolest return missionary ever that is in our ward and speaks just about fluent english), our zone leaders and two sisters in the zone Cervantes and Keeler to Los Trompos and it was so good. It is definitely my fav restaurant here. Then Nolasco and I went and bought Gucci belts so we will be looking very good while we share the Gospel hhahahhaha!
I just wanna send a big birthday Shoutout to Cole and Lindsey!! Two of my favorite people ever and i miss you guys a ton!! I hope you have an awesome birthday and have the best year ever!
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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