Monday, August 22, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ Ay lo veo (7Months) 6/6/16

Ok so I have been in the offices this week and wow does air conditioning feel wonderful. The secretaries are hilarious and I got the chance to do divisiones a few times with Elder Evans and it was pretty fun to be able to experience lessons with another teaching style. I did get to make a Costco run with Hermana Garcia and him and wow that was so awesome!!! I fell in love with Costco otra vez. Apparently the America Cup was this week because Elder Torres our Executive secretary from Colombia and Elder Evans from Utah were having a good ol time making up the scores and outcomes of the games and I was laughing very hard the whole time. But yeah... America lost. I did the reimbursables for the whole mission this week so that was a nice keep ya occupied task but the good thing is I now know everyone´s name in the mission and got to see everyone´s birthday.
My companion has now healed to the point where we can go and work again so we are headed back to Peto tomorrow! I had to go today and enjoy my last supper and so I went and got KFC and Burger King... and stained my tie I just bought today:( 
The title btw is a reference to a phrase that everyone says in Yucatan that really doesnt make sense but its fun to say;) I have had lots of time to listen to church talks this week and its been really nice to be in a nice populated modern area. We went to church and for the first time in 7 months I got to be in a ward!! I was in air conditioning and we just sat and enjoyed the service and had normal classes and everyone decided on their own account who they were going to go visit and teach it was enought to make me want to cry;)
Love you all!!!:)

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