Monday, August 22, 2016

Elder Jordan Saunooke ~ "Not your average mission week" 5/30/16

Weellll this week is not your average mission week... My companion got sick and so we ended up going to Mérida on tuesday night. We got a ride to Star Médica with President García and the three asistentes and that was an awesome experience. We saw a family on the side of the road who´s car had broken down and so we got out to push the car to safety and then we went to get gas for them... That´s what I am talking about!! The cliché mission experiences!! That night President waited for us outside the hospital and then we found out that we would be staying the night at least. I told him we hadnt eaten and so yes I got to go with him at midnight to Boston and eat mozarella cheesesticks and burgers. It felt so weird at first because he went to the bathroom and left me at the table and I was sitting there like ummm.... welll.... but it was to be the first of many solo experiences with the sick companion hospital life. We talked about everything from my family history and the Cherokee tribe, to if I like American girls or Spanish girls more.... good times hahahah:)
I put the AC at 60 degrees the first night and it was lovely. Im also so bad.... I told the nurses to pull the plug and he´s flatlining when they came to check my comp.... good thing he knows I almost always joke:)
I got to see my mission daddy!! Elder Nolasco and Elder Butterfield came to the hospital and yes it was wonderful to have company! I love them both so much and it was so fun to see them. Elder Butterfield only has one transfer left and so its always way fun to be with someone with so much experience. He is a great guy and a true role model for a white guy speaking spanish honestly. And man do I miss my mission dad!
This week I have read like 80 pages in the BOM and i found that if you change in Ether 2 the barges to be families and the stones to be the parents, the chapter takes on a whole new meaning. i have loved reading Ether this week and I did happen to read that whole book in 1 day hahaha.
Today I have been with Elder Parrot and Elder Deppe, and I went to the mall... yes there is a mall here. Like a 5 star wonderful mall and I went and got a DQ blizzard, KFC, and went and bought a Vans shirt... Why not... Altabrisas is a whole different world in Mérida.
Love you all and sorry my brain isnt working if this reads weird...
Elder Jordan Saunooke

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